Use Blinds and Shades to Pump up the Appeal of Your Home

Blinds and shades are crucial for maintaining temperature regulation within your home or business. On sunny days, open them up to let the sun light naturally warm your rooms. In chilly weather, lock in the heat by closing them up. But not just any blinds and shades will do. For truly custom interior treatments inspired by design, let experts like Andrew Norris & Associates help you create a one-of-a-kind look in your home. To our credit, we have done the Governor’s Mansion, The Homestead, the Virginia State Capital, Boar’s Head Inn, and other architectural landmarks in and around Richmond, VA.

Expert Advice
We can give you expert advice on which blinds and shades are best for your space – not just in color and design but also in form and function. It’s important for your window treatments to bring a certain aesthetic appeal to complement your interior décor, but they also need to function well in order to give you optimal temperature control and privacy. You probably don’t realize just how far the blinds and shades industry has come in terms of convenience and energy efficiency. They certainly have, offering home and business owners a new choice when it comes to their window treatments.

Motorized Blinds
These are just what they sound like: blinds featuring a motor that opens and closes with the touch of a button. They’re quiet, convenient and easy to use, putting control at your fingertips. With the goal of simplifying operation, motorization when it comes to blinds, shades and draperies can be a daunting DIY project. That’s why you should rely on qualified professionals who do this every day. We can fit any commercial business or residential home with state of the art motorized blinds that you can program to work in conjunction with your computers and smart phones. How’s that for innovation?

Benefits of Window Treatments
Window treatments serve many purposes, from decoration to privacy. You can add an element of décor that really pulls the look of the room together, plus you can control the amount of privacy you want, day or night. You can also control the amount of sunlight and warmth you want to let in, depending on the time of day as well as temperature indoors and outdoors. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the perfect blinds and shades, such as window shape and size, the purpose of the room and how much natural light you want. The type of room is important. A media room where you’ll be viewing movies and playing video games on a large screen TV will probably be optimal with blinds that provide more shade and privacy to block out glaring light. In a kitchen, however, where you want lots of natural light to illuminate prepping, cooking and serving tasks, light, airy shades that encourage sunlight to filter through are probably best.

The professionals here at Andrew Norris Associates come armed to your home with considerations of their own. They take into account everything from the shade surrounding a room to the room direction before recommending a specific material. Then, the final decision is made as to which customized shade transparency would be best for filtering light.

Plantation Shutters
Other options in addition to standard blinds, shades and drapes include plantation shutters, which are comprised of hand crafted wood or durable synthetic materials to add a timeless element to any room. You can achieve privacy and light filtration with plantation shutters while lending a classic, homey look to your space. Choose from hardwood and oak to mahogany and vinyl for a long lasting finish that you will love. You can even have your shutters custom painted or stained before installation.

Adding life to your drapes and blinds means you must take good care of them regularly. Give them a little TLC in the form of cleaning and dusting, and your shades will reward you with a long lasting life. Failing to care for your fabrics could result in an aged look in just a few years. Taking good care of your fabrics means they could last 20 years or more. We can help you develop a solid maintenance schedule that will keep your window treatments looking great through the years.

Choose Andrew Norris Associates for blinds and shades installation in Richmond, VA. We can help you boost the aesthetics of your home and bring the whole look together. Window treatments can increase the appeal of your home or business for a fraction of the cost of a whole makeover. Give us a call today!