Top 10 Window Treatment Ideas for 2015

Window Treatments Richmond VAReady to refresh your living space with a dash of drama and ambiance for the New Year? Here are 10 trendy window treatment ideas you can experiment in Richmond, Virginia this year!

1. Natural Woven Shades

While sharp and streamlined looks have dominated window treatments in the past, there's a return for organic and rustic appearances. Natural woven shades as well as bamboo and matchstick blinds are gaining in popularity for not only their natural charm, but also their eco-friendly and sustainable designs.

2. Dramatic Drapes

Create a waterfall effect with the dramatic sweeping drapes as they hang loosely from the curtain rod. This floor-to-ceiling window treatment breathes a welcoming and generous atmosphere into the heart of your home.

3. Valances

As a beautiful fabric piece that covers the uppermost part of the window, valance comes in charming styles of balloon (rounded edge), ascot (triangular shapes) and swag. Beautiful as a standalone, the charisma of valances are fully unleashed when complemented with shutters, curtains, and other larger pieces of window treatment options.

4. Sheer Curtain

The opposite of heavy drapes, sheer curtains softens the room with its gentle and free-spirited figure. Commonly made of thin and translucent materials, the colors of sheer curtain are often mixed with natural light to add hues of rainbow in any living space.

5. Roman Shades

A traditional favorite for its simple yet thoughtful look, Roman shades offer you both the luxury of privacy and the flexibility to control the light and outlook of your home. When choosing your Roman shades, a teardrop or looped style renders a classic design, while a flat Roman shade lends a more contemporary and trendy flair to your room.

6. Luxurious Fabric

If you want to live like a king (or a queen) in 2015, decorating your window with luxurious fabric of silks, velvet, damasks, fur, leather, or suede will make you feel royal all year round. Add some sparkling crystal, beaded tassels, and lavish embellishments on every element of the window — hardware, trimmings and fabric — to fully reap the enjoyment of palace life.

7. Grosgrain Ribbon Trimmed Drapes

Used as a ribbon detailing on blinds and drapes, Grosgrain is a strong, closely-woven ribbed fabric that will transform your simple drape into a charming piece of art. Commonly made of silk or rayon, Grosgrain ribbons embrace your drape with couture fabrications and dressmaker details to enhance its design.

8. Silk Panels

Although a slightly more pricey window treatment idea, silk is one of the most sought-after luxurious fabric for windows. Combining the soft touch and gentle texture of silk with its natural shine, your room will be immediately illuminated by the elegance of silk panels.

9. Pattern: Large and Generous

There was a time when small, delicate patterns rule the window treatment industry. However, more homeowners are shifting back to large and generous patterns. In 2015, large-scaled and geometric-patterned draperies are the winners. Homeowners love the new trend because bold geometric prints and bright floral patterns attract traditional tastes, while offering a youthful and dramatic focal point for all to see.

10. Color: Try Ocean Hue or Jewel Tone

When picking the colors of your window treatment, ocean hues and jewel tones are the new "red." Ocean hues gives the room a calm and soothing feel that is especially attractive to homeowners after a day of toil. Jewel tones continue to be a timeless favorite for instilling drama, sophistication, and luxury in the room.

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