How to Buy Blinds and Shades

Purchasing new blinds and shades In Richmond can go effortlessly if you know what to look for. Got too much sun in your living room? Want more privacy in your den? Need room darkening shades to help you sleep at night? Andrew Norris & Associates can help you select just the right window coverings for your Richmond home. Here are some handy tips to follow:

Horizontal vs. Vertical
First off, consider what your needs are. Which room or rooms do you plan on incorporating shades and blinds? Would vertical or horizontal blinds work best for you? The one you select will depend on the size of your window, the room placement and personal taste. Go with horizontal blinds if you want to block more light in a bedroom, for instance. This type of blind is also great for smaller windows, such as in bathrooms. Go with vertical if you have large or oversized windows, as they can be custom ordered depending on your unique measurements. Horizontal doesn’t always work best on large windows because they can be heavy, cumbersome and difficult to operate.

The material you choose will depend on personal tastes, as well as the energy efficiency, look and function you’re after. Vertical blinds are generally available in fabric and PVC vinyl, and they can be solid or sheer, which allows for more light. Horizontal blinds are also known as Venetian blinds, and they are typically available in aluminum, faux wood and wood. Faux wood blinds are perfect if you want the look of wood but not the upkeep or expense; however, they tend to be very heavy and wouldn’t do well in, say, a sunroom. When buying blinds in Richmond, think long and hard about the material that will complement your décor the best.

Certain blinds and shades in Richmond may look beautiful at the store or in magazines, but when it comes time to clean them, reality sets in! Choosing window treatments that are easy to keep up, whether on a weekly or seasonal basis, is key. For example, kitchen blinds get a lot of grease and soap splashes, so they should be particularly easy to wipe off. For this, you’re best off with faux wood or aluminum, which has smooth painted finishes rather than textured finishes that tend to grab dirt and not let go. In a bathroom, where humidity from showers is at its highest, you’re best off going with vinyl horizontal blinds that you can easily wipe down.
With so many considerations to take into account, it may seem overwhelming to settle on one type of blind or shade. However, taking a step-by-step approach to the process can make for a seamless transition. Call Andrew Norris & Associates for additional help and consultation at 804-337-5755